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DeFord Cemetery
(Marion Co, Washington Twp)
4700 E. 75th St.
Indianapolis, IN
Also known as Old Ford Cemetery & Old Campground Cemetery. 
Approximately 75th Street and Allisonville Road.
Number of Stones: Approximately 130. This cemetery is very old and contains Civil War soldiers. A list of 13 veterans is on file with the Trustee. A survey is also on file. SHAARD# CR-49-107.
There are two cemetery lists for this cemetery.  The first (123 names) compiled by Mrs. Leo Hoyt in 1957 under the misnomer "Old Battleground Cemetery".  The second is a partial list (10 names) by Dave Wright, based on a single typed sheet at the Genealogy Division of the Indiana State Library, entitled “New Information on the DeFord Cemetery”, provided 3/17/77 by Kathleen DeFord.
Burials are currently being added.
Rick France photo - 2006. used with permission.