Day or Emery Cemetery (LA032)
Read by Elizabeth Huffman Hague
This cemetery is on the property at 7700 North Indiana Lake Road. Using the northern drive, go through the brick entrance and follow the drive past the big brick house all the way to the end by the smaller house and barn/shed. Walk past the north wall of the barn/shed and go straight back to the woods. The cemetery is fenced in and has two cement posts at the entrance.
    On May 20, 1994, the grounds were mowed and clear, but several stones had been lying on the
ground face up for a long time so that some were broken and had grass growing in them and others were too worn to read. Several stones were broken. There were 23 unknown stones.
John W. Kimberlin Jan. 6, 1835-Sept. 21, 1906 aged 71y, 8m, 15d
Lettie Jane, wife of [J.W. Kimberlin] (broken and lying on ground) aged 32y, 4m, 20?d verse
Clara Jan. 15, 1862-June 15, 1866 (east side)
Ella Mar. 20, 1865-Mar. 5, 1882 (east side)
Joes. P. B. Mar. 6, 1831-Aug. 13, 1908 (west side)
Lucy May 1, 1838-Mar. 15, 1879 (west side)
Charley June 10, 1870-Aug. 28, 1900 (west side)
Oliver P. Mar. 5, 1879-Dec. 9, 1879 (west side)
Eddie, son of T.J. & N. Applegate died Nov. 26, 1890; aged 3y, 6m, 1d (south side)
Tomie, son of T.J. & N. Applegate died Dec. 2, 1891; aged 9m (south side)
Nannie, wife of T.J. Applegate died Jan. 2, 1891; aged 38y, 6m, 10d (east side)
"some sweet day" Elizabeth, wife of F.C. Kimberlin Apr. 10, 1806-Jan. 22, 1878
Fountain G. Kimberlin died Aug. 22, 1864; aged 66y, 4d
Isaac Hornbeck born Apr. 15, 1845 died Nov. 6, 1888
Edith Bell, wife of (lying on ground with grass growing in it) verse
I. H.
Saph?sony, ___ of John & Na__y Day died Oct. 18, 1841/4?; aged 10m, 17d
Lavanch?a J., dawt. of John & Nancy Day died Apr. 10, 1854; aged 6m, 20d
Clara E., wife of N.? N. Stoner died Oct. 25, 1891; aged 25y, 1m, 12d
O. C. R.
__l_ _. Riley? died Aug. 11, 1859?; aged _1y, 10m, 11d (worn and lying on the ground)
Eddie?, son of Stephen & Caroline Fee? died Jul. 26, 1870; aged 2y, 6m
Joseph N. Day 1823-1901 father
Philena E. Day 1827-1886 mother
Euphamy E., dau. of J.N. & P.E. Day died (broken)
Jacob, ____ of __________ died Feb. 12, 1848; aged 71y, 2m, 11d
__________; aged __y, 2?m, 14d
Walter, son of (broken with grass growing in it) ____ 2, 18_5?; aged 3?y, 3m, 9d
Euphemy E., dau. of J.N. & P.E. Day died Jun. 18, 1862; aged 4y, 2m, 24d (she has 2 stones)
Josiah W., husband of E. & M. Day died Jun. 13, 1889; aged 61y, 3m, 17d
(a big monument that's broken)
Marvin Day 1896
(this is a small plain stone leaning on the one above that someone has scratched on with a rock)
Manora B., dau. of J.W. & E. Day died Sept. 8, 1886; aged 15y, 16d verse
George N. Riley died Mar. 6, 1862; aged __y, 4m, 2d? (buried)
mother father
Evoline, wife of John Stoner John Stoner
Feb. 19, 1829-Aug. 18, 1909 Aug. 14, 1830-Mar. 1, 1879
Nathaniel? W. Day (virtually unreadable: worn & lying on ground) verse
Sariah Yates, wife of Casper Stoner1794-1848
Susan? L., ____ of  Nesley? Riley? died May 13, 1866?; aged 21y, 26d?
(extremely worn)
Elizabeth, wife of Josiah W. Day died May 6, 1872; aged 44?y, (broken) verse
Luther Perry?, son of __Day died May/Aug. 12, 1872?; aged 2y, 5?m, 21d
_e_r?y Strickler died Sept. 6?, 1856?; aged 28y, 6m, 3d
Elizabeth (lying on ground, worn, spotted, unreadable)
Edward P. Day died Jan. 24?, 1873?; aged 84y, 5m, 18d
Joseph, son of __ Day died Sept. 30, 1871; aged 1y, 11m, 29d
Jacob B/R. A___ died Sept. 10, 18__; aged 81?y, 3m, 21?d
Fee father & mother (west side)
Stephen T. Fee born Oct. 14, 1815 died Sept. 6, 1899 (north side)
Caroline T. Fee born Dec. 3, 1831 (south side)
(stone has fallen off base, but it looks like it's blank on the east side)
aged 25y, 3m, 12d
Rachael? (extremely worn and lying face up)
Sarah Ann, dau. of George & Elizabeth Baker died May 2, 1860; aged 18y
Susan, wife of John W. Day died Sept. 25, 1870; (age broken)
Chas. Perkins born Oct. 2, 1835 died Jan. 1, 1890
Eliza Perkins born Oct. 3, 1834 died Jan. 29, 1873
Eliza, wife of P. Perkins died _______, 1873; aged 38y, 3m, 26d verse
(broken with grass growing in it)