Van Sickle Cemetery
Warren Township, WR022
Data entry by Cheryl Dixon from a list in the State Library.
This cemetery is on 12 acres of land that is remaining from a much larger original farm. The property is still owned by the family; Ramon Van Sickle of Zionsville is the current property owner although he is considering selling the property and contemplating relocating the cemetery. This list is complied from one found in the Indiana State Library. According to that list, it is only a partial listing. From talking with Mr. Van Sickle, it seems the cemetery was not only a family one, but a community and church cemetery. It was located less than a mile from Old Bethel Methodist Church at 21stStreet and Franklin Road; at least one of the founders of the church is buried here.
Griffith, Olive Stoops, Tryphena    
Johnson, John G. Van Sickle Cathrine    
Johnson, William Van Sickle Cathrine    
Johnson, Elizabeth Van Sickle, Alpha    
Kemper, Mary C. Van Sickle, Andrew    
Lynch, John Van Sickle, Andrew    
Lynch, Martha Van Sickle, Cathrine    
Lynch, William M. Van Sickle, Charles    
Mosley, Jacob Van Sickle, Franklin    
Mosley, Susan Van Sickle, James    
Mosley, Susannah Van Sickle, Jane    
Mosley, Tobitha Van Sickle, John    
Shearer, Addy Van Sickle, Andrew    
Shearer, George Van Sickle, Sarah Jane    
Springer, Mary White, Andrew J.    
Springer, Sarah White, James    
Stoops, Benjamin F. White, Margaret Van Sickle    
Stoops, John White, Mary Cathrine    
Stoops, Phillip Turpin White, Silvester R.    
Stoops, Rosanna White, William M.    
Readings and Notes      
Griffith, Olive, wife of Lewis Griffith Age 38 1845
Johnson, William, son of James and Margaret Johnson, husband of Elizabeth Age 48 2/24/1866
Johnson, Elizabeth, wife of William Age 43 9/3/1864
Johnson, John G., son of William and Elizabeth Age 19 7/31/1864
Kemper, Mary C., wife of Daniel Kemper Age 18 5/21/1858
Lynch, Martha Age 64 4/1/1892
Lynch, John Age 65 3/21/1892
Lynch, William M., son of Willes and Susannah (Van Sickle) Lynch Age 19 2/19/1863
Mosley, Tobitha Age 38 7/19/1930
Mosley, Susan 47y 10m 14d ?/18/1852
Mosley, Jacob
     His inscription says: "He lived a pious life and loved Jesus"
48y 1m 16d 7/11/1854
Mosley, Susannah, wife of Abram Mosley Age 89 7/26/1856
Shearer, George Age 59 9/13/1838
Shearer, Addy, wife of Andrew Shearer Age 91 (?) 3/19/1853
Springer, Mary, wife of Emanuel Springer 7/20/1807 1/26/1841
Springer, Sarah, sister of J. and H. Springer Age 17 2/8/1853
Stoops, John, husband of Rosanna
     (he was a founder of Old Bethel Methodist Church
Age 67 1/4/1885
Stoops, Rosanna, wife of John Age 76 2/12/1881
Stoops, Benjamin F., son of John and Rosanna, and a Civil War soldier) Age 25 11/19/1863
Stoops, Tryphena, wife of Robert Stoops Age 57 10/5/1839
Stoops, Philip Turpin, son of Robert & Tryphena Age 11 3/20/1836
Van Sickle, John, husband of Elizabeth Gibson Van Sickle, married 8/17/1837 Age 29 9/7/1842
Van Sickle, Cathrine, daughter of John and Elizabeth Van Sickle Age 19 10/6/1858
Van Sickle, Andrew Age 63 4/1/1844
Van Sickle, Andrew Age 20 9/10/1857
Van Sickle, Cathrine, wife of Andrew Age 76 10/16/1865
Van Sickle, James, husband of Jane Age 40 11/24/1850
Van Sickle, Jane, wife of James Age 40 8/31/1853
Van Sickle, Charles, son of J. & J. Van Sickle Age 20 1862
Van Sickle, Andrew J., husband of Sarah Jane
     Great-grandfather of Ramon Van Sickle, current owner of property
6/17/1830 9/25/1877
Van Sickle, Sarah Jane, wife of Andrew J., Married 1856
     Great-grandmother of Ramon Van Sickle, who possesses her 1881 Bible
     that has provided much of the Van Sickle information for this burial list
4/20/1836 4/19/1888
Van Sickle, Franklin, son of Andrew J. and Sarah J. Van Sickle
     (original burial list gives date as 1905)
4/21/1863 5/17/1903 according to family Bible
Van Sickle, Alpha, son (?) of Andrew J. and Sarah J. Van Sickle 9/9/1874 4/26/1898
Andrew J and Sarah J. Van Sickle had 11 children; others may be buried here although the stones do not indicate this.
White, Margaret Van Sickle, wife of James,
     married 12/4/1834 (also recorded as March 15, 1834)
Age 70 2/24/1886
White, James, husband of Margaret VanSickle, born July 31, 1809, in Clermont County, Ohio; he platted the city of Lawrence; brother of George White who is buried in Anderson Cemetery 51y 8m 25d 4/25/1861
White, Mary Cathrine, daughter of James and Margaret Age 13 4/3/1853
White, William M., son of James and Margaret; died as a result of wounds received in the Civil War; Company K, 2nd Regiment of Indiana Volunteers; wounded in Shenandoah Valley, August 24, 1864; died next day 21y 6m 9d 8/25/1864
White, Andrew J, son of James and ?? Age 18 9/28/1853
White, Silvester R. 1/21/1859 1/17/1885
(This list was prepared from a list compiled by Mrs. Herbert E. Brown, Terre Haute, Indiana, and presented to the Indiana Historical Society, 11/8/1950)
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