Davis Cemetery
Warren Township, WR055
Complied by D. Lowery and Olga Woodman in Oct. 1989. (members of the Franklin Township Historical Society)
Data Entry by Cheryl Dixon from an October 1989 list in the State Library
     This cemetery is located at 2661 Senour Road on property owned by C. H. Willman. His three children attended Warren Central.
     Many stones are turned upside down, turned around, embedded in soil, or are too weathered to read. Possibly none are in original place according to property owner. Numbers are hard or impossible to read. Number 8 could be 3; number 3 could be 8. The same applies to letters.
 [All notes are from the original list]
The small stones with initials only appear to be footstones.
One stone was removed to Crown Hill, but it is not known which one.
The Indiana State Library, Genealogy Department, was unable to produce a record of this cemetery other than a reference in a card file and a mark on a 1939 WPA map.
Baxter Galvin S.
Davis, John A.
Baxter, Henrietta J.
Davis, Lucy
Baxter, Samuel S.
Davis, Mary J.
Lambert, Nancy C.
Burnett, Martha
Davis, Willis
Stockwell, Harriet
Davis Daniel B.
Ervin, John Olney
Davis, Bershaba
Ervin, Martha Ann
Wallace, Elizabeth
Davis, Bershaba
Harlan, Cynthia A.
Wallace, Emilla
Davis, Elizabeth
Harlan, Martha S.
Wallace, Esther
Davis, Isaac
Harlan, Nathan
(Wallace?) Esther
Davis, J. D.
Harlan, Samuel W.
Wallace, James
Davis, James
Harlan, Sarah E.
Wallace, Sr., David
Tall stone with three people on 3 sides.
Baxter, Samuel S.
Baxter, Henrietta J., wife of Samuel S. Baxter
19y 8m 29d
August 10, 1862 (?)
Baxter, Galvin S., son of S. S. & H. J. Baxter
2m 11d
August 27, 1867
Brunett, Martha, mother of Bershaba Davis
Age 50
May 8, 1839
Davis, J. D.
1y 11m 29d
Davis, James
82y 3m 12d
August 22, 1861
(This could be a descendant of the James Davis who settled in the township in 1823; he owned land on Buck Creek near the location of this cemetery; the senior Davis lived here until 1864 when he moved to Fremont County, Iowa, where he died in 1872.
Davis, Bershaba, wife of James Davis, Jr.
38y 5m 16d
December 1, 1841
Davis, Bershaba, daughter of James & Bershaba
12y 11m 17d
June 26, 1831
This stone is in two pieces
Davis, Lucy, daughter of James & Bershaba
26d 5m 11d
March 1, 1851
Davis, Elizabeth, wife of James Davis, Sr.
Age 57
July 19, 1838
Davis, Daniel B., son of James and Rebecca Davis
1y 2m 19d
August 10, 1850
Davis, Mary J., daughter of James and Rebecca Davis
3y 10m 6d
December 16, 1849
Isaac & Willis on one stone
Davis, Isaac, son of James and Rebecca Davis            
7 m 10 d
January 31, 1845
Davis, Willis, son of James and Rebecca Davis
25 d
November 17, 1847
Davis, John A., Son of A.C. & Mary Davis
10 m 13d
September 7, 1856
Tall stone against front fence
Ervin, John Olney, son of C. A. & M. E. Ervin
2y 11m 25d
March 10, 1860
Ervin, Martha Ann, daughter of C.A. & M. E. Ervin
1y 1m 1d
March 12, 1850
Harlan, Martha S. wife of Nathan Harlan
Sept 1791
July 16, 1865 (?)
Harlan, Cynthia A., daughter of N & M. S. Harlan
July 7, 1849
March 7, 1857
Harlan, Sara E., daughter of N. M. S. Harlan
July 27, 1835
December 9, 1855
Harlan, Samuel W., son of N. & M. S. Harlan
April 29, 1825
December 31, 1848
Harlan, Nathan
Jan 26, 1798
October 19, 1846
(He was an early settler who cut timber off Brookville Road to make it accessible to stagecoach and wagon travel; he also kept a tavern from 1833 to 1844 on the road for stage travelers; he migrated to Marion County in 1823.)
Lambert, Nancy, daughter of P.S. Lambert
14 y 10m 4D
December 15, 1862
a handprint is engraved on the stone
Stockwell, Harriet, wife of Daniel Stockwell
36y 8m 6 d
January 9, 1856
Wallace, Esther, wife of David Wallace
Age 82
March 4, 1856
Wallace Sr, David
Age 88
(Wallace?), Esther
Age 3
Wallace, Elizabeth, daughter of Anna and ?
20y 5m 28d
Wallace, Emilla, wife of James Wallace
May 23, 1846
Wallace, James
68y 11m 18d
David 1851
D. W.
H. S.
E. W.
B. D.
K. D.
N. H.
C. C. J.
S. E. H.
C. A. H.
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