Whisler Cemetery, WR120
Warren Township, Marion County, Indiana
Originally read by Ron Darrah, August 2002
[Site cleaned by Joni Curtis, Ron Darrah, Dave Wright, and Don Weber, April 2004.]
            Whisler Cemetery is located at 11077 East Washington Street in Cumberland. It sits south of the red brick Motel 8 in a grove of trees off the parking lot. We did some probing but not the entire site.
The stone readings are as follows:
1.         John E. Whisler          Nov. 5, 1821               Jan. 5, 1902
             This is the largest stone on site, approximately 5’ high by 4’ long. [In photo above]
2.         Elizabeth Whisler       Mar. 4, 1865   
            Wife of J. E. Whisler                 Aged 35 Y, 1M, 7D
            The stone pillar has fallen over on the ground; the inscription is on the base.
            The pillar has a hand with the forefinger pointing upward and the phrase
             “Gone Home To Rest.”  [On lower square block in photo above]
3.         George
            Died Oct. 8, 1846    Aged 6 mo. and 2d
4.         Sis  
            Died Dec. 1, 1850    Aged 2 mo. and 25d.
            The inscriptions for George and Sis are on side two of the stone with Elizabeth Whisler.
            Below their names is the inscription, “Children of J.E. and E. Whisler.”             [On square lower block in photo above.]
5.         Whisler          
            This is a square stone base, approximately 24” per side; no other markings.
            We speculate that this item goes with the pillar and base for Elizabeth making a three part set.
6.         One tall footstone in three parts, one part set in ground, initials “E. W.” on top part;
             position of stone suggests it belongs to Elizabeth Whisler.
7.         Isamel A. Whisler      Dec. 13, 1871        Jan. 1, 1881
            Inscription: “She is not dead, She lives with Jesus.”  Footstone: “I. W.”
            There is a script epitaph, but illegible. This marker had the pillar on the ground, but we remounted it on the base.
8.         Mary Ebaugh             1833                1913
            Small granite block; no other markings; newest burial on site.
            [Mary’s will is in the Marion County collection, with heirs.]
9.         Elizabeth Clonel or Clorel     [No dates]
            This is a small stone, approximately 12” wide by 20” high; lying on the ground;
            Near the top of the stone is the inscription “In Memory of.” The style of this stone
            marks it as one of the older ones on site.
10.       Rezin Hawkins     Died Dec. 9, 1870      Aged 75? Yrs and 12 da.
             This stone was discovered by probing; it was buried about 3 inches deep.
             The stone is flat with rounded top, measuring about 36” high, 24” wide and 2 inches thick.
             This sandstone marker appears to be the oldest stone style on site.
11.       Footstone marked  “R. H.”
12.       Footstone marked “L. H.”
13.       Small broken stone inscribed only “Sept.”
14.       Small stone, approximately 20” by 20”, set in concrete base, no inscription, fallen over.
15.       Seven small pieces of stone, scattered, no inscriptions.
This section from the 1889 Marion County Plat Atlas shows
the Whisler property in the Cumberland area.
[Reading updated May 9, 2004]

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