Wilson Cemetery, WR123
Warren Township, Marion County, IN
Submitted by Ron Darrah
            On July 22, 2003, I had the opportunity to confer in the Indiana State Library with Thelma M. Murphy, a long time Marion County resident and cemetery researcher. Mrs. Murphy provided the GSMC with a copy of a burial list of the Wilson Cemetery, 5120 Julian Ave., AKA Parker Cemetery, which we did not know existed.
            This list was a page taken from a project by Union Title Company. The page was marked “Vol. 1” and “Project started 5/26/1895,” and “1927 Photostating Date.”  The meaning of these labels is unknown, but probably something to do with Union Title.
            Mrs. Murphy added the following notation:
“This was the John Wilson graveyard and later used as a public cemetery. Around 1944 there were a few standing stones; there are no stones today, having been carried off by neighbors for steppingstones and sidewalks.
     Acquilla Parker, head of the Parker family, was a son-in-law of John Wilson. Some of the Parkers were removed to Crown Hill Cemetery. There were Orr’s buried here (Wilson in-laws), an Ellenberger child, and “an Indian.” Was this Machage Wilson from Tennessee?
     Several attempts have been made to turn this cemetery into a commercial site. At one time this was referred to as “the old Irvington cemetery.” ”
Burial List
            Rebecca, wife of Aquilla Parker    Died Jan. 1, 1871   Aged 47y9m23d
                        [Aquilla operated Wilson’s Tavern on E. Washington St.]
            Ida, daughter of A. & R. Parker   Died Sep.19, 1867  Aged 2y6m4d
            Sarah L., daughter of A & R Parker   Died April 18, 1851   Aged 4y1m11d
            Rebecca Jones, wife of Timothy Orr   Born Feb. 18, 1776   Died April 27, 1847
                        [Mrs. Murphy remarked “Rebecca claimed to have walked from North Carolina to Indianapolis.]
            Sarah, wife of John Parker   Died Sep. 29, 1845   Aged 62y6m12d
            John Lathman   Died July 9, 1849   Aged 62y7m12d
            Joseph W., son of Joseph and Angelina Parker   Died Sep. 27, 1854  Aged 1y10m5d
            Mary Ann, wife of Jeremiah Kealing   Died May 4, 1851   Aged 18y10m24d
            Jacob, consort of Elizabeth Caylor    Died May 12, 1844   Aged 67y3m
                        [Elizabeth’s maiden name was Johnson, per Mrs. Murphy.]
            Harriet, daughter of J. & C. Caylor   Died Dec. 22, 1847   Aged 9y7m22d
[The GSMC wishes to thank Thelma M. Murphy for providing us with this burial list.]

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