Marion County, Indiana
Original Location: Off Bash Road, West of Interstate I-69 and south of E. 82nd Street
Marion County, Indiana
Note: Cemetery was relocated to Crown Hill Cemetery, Pioneer section, Indianapolis, IN in June, 2008.
            For more information about this relocation including site photos click here. You will be redirected to the Find-A-Grave Forum site discussion of this relocation.
This cemetery list is from a sketch of gravestones by W. Don Wright, 210 Arden Drive, Indianapolis, IN 46220 on file at the Indiana State Library Genealogy Division. It is dated 28 Oct 1981, with revisions 11 Nov. 1981.
*CHARLES W. WRIGHT      Son of J.M & R. Wright        D. 15 Sept. ____,
Age 11 yrs, 9 mos., 22 days     (Small stone inscribed: “C.W.W.”)
MARGARET E. WHITESELL        Dau. of  E.I. Whitesell,    D. 22 July 1864   
Age 4 mo.        Broken headstone
ELIZA I.         Wife of WILSON WHITESELL        D.  26 Feb 1868
Age 36 yrs, 8 mos., 19 days    
Another broken stone North of Eliza’s—No identity
*JAMES B WRIGHT             Son of J.M. & R.Wright        D. 1853  
Age 15 yrs, 1 mo, 22 days
R.H.W.          Believed to be foot marker of the grave of Mrs. John M. Wright
No Name       22 July 1861    Age 4 mo.
M.E.W            No data – small stone just south of above
JOHN M. WRIGHT             D. 3 March 1837     Age 43 yrs, 2 mo., 22 days
*JOSEPH W. WRIGHT          Son of J.M. & R. Wright     Died 3 Sept 1852
                                    Age 1 yr., 10 mos.
J. M. M. GATES      Died 16 Feb. 1853
JESSE P. WHITESELL    Son of W. & G.       Age 4 yrs, 4 days
RUHAMAH      Wife of JAMES T. WRIGHT   B. 28 Nov. 1788    D. 5 Jan., 1858
REV. JAMES T. WRIGHT   D. 23 Nov., 1859     72yrs, 4 mos, 8 days 
THOMAS P. – Consort of PAULINA J. GENTRY   D. 30 April 1851   38 yrs & 6 mo.
PAULINE J. – Wife of THOMAS P. GENTRY    d. 6 July 1863
                                          Age 45 yrs, 10 days           Epitaph could not be read
                                          D. 29 Sept. 1868               Age 3 yrs, 9 mo., 26 days
                                          D.  30 Nov. 1858               Age:  19 yrs., 9 mo.
                     Epitaph: “She always made home happy.  Lived beloved and died lamented”
JOWN W.  (GENTRY)   Son of T. & P. Gentry
                     D. 7 May 1866                  Age 19 yrs., 2 mo. & 23 days
                     Civil War Veteran               Epitaph could not be read.
Notes:           from W. Don Wright’s sketch/diagram of the cemetery
*  It is suspected these are the graves of sons of John M. Wright.  He also had a daughter Sarah who is mentioned in the James Thomas Wright will.
(Graves asterisked are: Charles W., James B., and Joseph W. Wright.)
Note 1: The cemetery stones are somewhat weathered.  Some characters could not be read and some could not be read accurately.
Note 2: The residence unit of the Hillsdale Nursery buildings contains a portion of the log house that was occupied by the Rev. James Thomas Wright and his family.
Data entry by David Wright, 2002
Compiled by Dave Wright for Marion Co., IN Genealogical Society 4 July, 2002, from Don Wright’s detailed sketch on file in the GSMC library at Crown Hill Cemetery Waiting Station.  Compiler is not related to this family group.  Any errors in interpreting and copying this data are the compiler’s.