Salem Cemetery (LA020)
Read by Elizabeth Huffman Hague
            This cemetery can be seen by travelling south on Fall Creek Road about 9900 east.  It is on the west side of Fall Creek Road and south of Mud Creek Road.  It shares a driveway with a residence and is up a hill.  It was surveyed in November, 1977; and there were 12 unknown (broken, missing, unreadable, etc.) stones on my visit in May, 1992.
Nellie, dau. of M. & E. (broken & section missing)            died Dec. 16, 1879; aged 1y, 2m, 8d
Charles (on top)
Art[h]ar Beaver, son of C.G. & S.A. Beaver       
born Jan. 27, 1882    died June 13, 1883: aged 4m, 20d
"Gone but not forgotten"
Beaver, Mother & Father
C.C. Beaver            Oct. 31, 1844-July 25, 1911
Saphronia A., wife of C.C. Beaver            died Feb 20, 1899; aged 42y, 1m, 1d
Mary  __ Wood  died Nov. 20, 1885
Hazel Wood                 died Jan. 23, 1892; aged 2m?, 23d
Mother of England
Laura, dau. of Samual & Sarah Morgan            1873-1874
Samual Morgan            1825-1905
Sarah, his wife              1838-1906
Daniel Tate            June 22, 1846-Apr. 10, 1909
"This you see, remember me, my dear children."
Vandelena, his wife      Dec. 21, 1851-Feb. 10, 1915
Mary E., wife of H.L. Wann, & dau. of John & Mary Tate  
died Sept. 22, 1868; aged 29y, 11m, 9d
"Her dieing words were Meet me in Heaven            
Tell all my friends to meet me there."
Mary C., dau.? of D. & M.? E. Tate                died Aug. 24, 1869; aged 4m, 21d
Mary, wife of John Tate            died Feb 14, 1875; aged 68y, 4m, 21d            Masonic symbol
Mary E., wife of HenryWann            died Sept. 22, 1868; aged 29y, 11m, 9d            Masonic symbol
Infant of Wm. & D.A. Lewis
MargaretSellers, wife of Abraham Sellers  died Sept. 17, 1879/8; aged 44y, 8m, 1/7 d
(there may be more on the opposite side, but the stone was too big to turn over single-handedly)
Alexander B. Tate    Oct. 1, 1886-Nov. 19, 1902
Maggie C. Tate    Dec. 27, 1879-Dec. 19, 1896
Alexander Tate    May 27, 1842-Nov. 5, 1908
"His parting words  The Lord bless you all."
Margareta Tate    Oct. 17, 1846-[not carved]
Carl A.Tate                Nov. 23, 1873-Nov. 2, 1902
     Hobart        Richard Craig
 Nov. 1908    1912-1913
Naomi E., wife of A.L. Roberts        died Oct 16, 1887; aged 22y, 8m, 11d
Infant son            died June 29, 1882
John Hold? Brunson?                    b. June 17, 1901            d. Jan. 6, 1902
Marquis-D.-Nicholson            born-1839    died-Nov.-17-1908
_nna-elle Nicholson                    born-?              died Apr 12, ____
Manuel W.   (horse head)        Henry F.
1855-1929                              1849-1928