Lawrence Township, Marion County, Indiana
List developed 23 June 1960
By Lois M. Apple (Mrs. L.T. Apple)
3931 Waggoner Rd., Blacklick, OH
Data entry by David Wright, 2002
Location:  North and East of the town of Oaklandon, at the S.E. edge of a subdivision just south of the IOOF Cemetery on what was the old McCord farm.
APPLE, Clarence E.  -  d. 22 June 1884  -  2y 2m 4d  Son of H.H. & G.E. Apple
            Hannah d. 21 Mar 1885  -  60y 20d     Wife of Wm. S. Apple
            Henry               d. 16 May 1860    70y 16 or 18d      Very old marker
                        Newer marker gives date of 17 May 1860-  aged 70   (Wife—Sarah)
            Sarah               d. 17 Mar 1884 – age “debatable”  looks like 82y 6m 9d
CHIVES, Daniel          d. 16 June 1858   65y 9m 10d  -  fallen monument
                        Year debatable (Wife – Nancy)
            Edward P.        b. 21 April 1872; d. 5 May 1875          3y 2 weeks
            John W.           d. 1 Sept. 1851  -  27y 2m 18d  “Sacred to the memory of John W.”
            Nancy              d. 30 May 1884 
(age buried in ground on marker for her & husband, Daniel)
            William Perry                d. 5 Aug 1879              51y 5m 21d
CORY, John                d. 26 June 1872           80y 1m 17d    (wife-Mary)
            Mary                d. 21 Aug 1872            80y 6m 19d   (Husband – John)
            S.E.                  b. 1865; d. 1884          (Large flat monument)
            W.M.               b. 1825; d. 1873          (Large flat monument)
GUILD, Amanda         b. 12 Oct 1827; d. 21 May 1873         (Husband - Horace)
            Horace             b. 4 Oct 1814; d. 22 Oct 1883             (Wife – Amanda)
            John                 d. 11 Feb 1869            28d      Son of Horace & Amanda
McCONNELL, Little Lee       d. 26 April 1878; 9m 8d   Son of Geo. &. L. McConnell
McCORD, Alice Cary            d. 17 July 1855; 1y 1m 17d   Dau. of Wm. & Margaret McCord
            Anna                d. Sept 1880; 43y 9m 28d        2nd wife of Elias McCord
            Aquilla              d. 7 Nov. 1854; 28y 6m 21d   (months are debatable)
            Aquilla              d. 13 Oct. 1854;  58y 11m 17d            (wife-Mary)
            Cyrus F.           d. 16 Jan. 1864; 18y 4m 8d;  Co. D 79th Ind. V.
                                    Son of E. & E. McCord
            Edgar               d. 18 Aug. 1865;  1m     Son of J.G. & M.E. McCord
            Eliza                 d. 22 Nov. 1871;  57y 5m 15d – Wife of Elias McCord
            George T.         b. 24 July 1847; d. 12 Aug. 1851 – Son of Elias & Eliza McCord
            Homer              b. 15 July 1875; d. 2 Sept. 1877 – Son of Elias & Eliza McCord
            James F.           b. 4 Mar. 1846 ; d. 16 March 1869   Son of S.&S. McCord
                                                (Smith & Spicey McCord)
            Maggie E.         d. 26 Nov. 1883;  38y 26d – Wife of J.G. McCord
                                    (He is buried in the McCordsville Cemetery)
            Mary                d. 21 Oct. 1873;  82y 7m 19d  --  Wife of A. (Aquilla) McCord
            Melcomb          d. 10 July 1878;  5m    Son of J.G. & M.E. McCord
            Richard            d. 18 Sept. 1842;  22y 7m 28d   (Wife—Philenas Ellen or Eleanor)
            Valerie A.         d. 30 Sept. 1877;  1y 2 or 3m  25d   Dau. of J.E & M.E. McCord
STANLEY, Cora        b. 17 Oct. 1874; d. 11 Nov. 1874   Dau. of E.P.& F Stanley
                                                (initials of inscription debatable)
Author’s Note:
This list was made on June 23, 1960.  There have probably been more markers.  The cemetery is on the old McCord farm.  Aquilla McCord, who died Oct. 13, 1854, was a brother to Richard McCord, my great-great-grandfather; Mary (Aunt Polly), his wife, was a sister to Richard’s wife, Sarah.  They were the daughters of John and Katie Apple.  Aquilla & Richard were two of the nine sons of Elias & Rachel (Hollingsworth) McCord.
                                                                        Lois M. Apple
                                                                        (Mrs. L.T.Apple)
                                                                        3931 Waggoner Rd.
                                                                        Blacklick, Ohio
This document is among the files of the Marion County, IN Genealogical Society library at Crown Hill Cemetery, Indianapolis, IN “Waiting Station”.  It was re-typed by Dave Wright.  Any errors or omissions are mine alone.