Banta Road, Perry Township
Marion Co., Indiana
GSMC # PY 002
ALCORN, LIZZIE                                       Dau. of J.M. and M.C. D. 26 Aug., 1863
                                    Age 4y, 2m, 20d
ALCORN, NANCY A.                                D. 3 July 1861              Age68y           
                                                                        Wife of Henry
ALCORN, HENRY                                     D. 14 June 1873         Age 87y, 1m, 6d
                                                                        Husband of Frances
ALCORN, FRANCES                                D. 8 Jan.1832              Age 32y          
                                                                        Wife of Henry
ALCORN, HENRY J.                                 D. Nov., 1835              Age 11y
TILTON (?-very faint), JOSEPH M.        D. 27 May 1881          Age 73y, 9m,27d
TILTON (Tilden?), JONATHAN             Son of J.R. and E.           D. 15 Sept. 1861
                                                                   Age 13y, 1m, 12d
TILTON (?), ELIJAH                                Dau. of J.R. and E.            D. 12 Feb. 1870
                                                                   Age 25y, 5m, 7d
Copied 3 July 2002 by Dave Wright.  Original typed sheet is very faint. Original source unknown.  Tilton name in title was handwritten.