Kitley-King Cemetery
Warren Township, WR053
Data entry by Cheryl Dixon from a list in the State Library.

No burial list (was) available from the Indiana State Library, so student researchers complied their own list in May 1990 from the tombstones and genealogy research collected by Warren Township resident Brandt Beckett.
Readings and Research Notes

John Kitley                                April 15, 1793             Approx. February 25, 1865
He was born in Hamilton County, Ohio. His will was probated on that date)

Anna Fox Kitley
Wife of John may be buried here as well

Francis Kitley                            December 25, 1823  October 16, 1886
Son of John and Anna Kitley

Mary Jane (Smithers) Kitley   February 6, 1841   August 25, 1932
Mary, Francis’ wife, is listed on back of Francis’ stone

John King                                  1806                              1893
The King and Kitley farms adjoined each other, and there were several intermarriages among the two families. Others may be buried there from the families, but all but two stones are now missing.