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Cotton Cemetery
(Marion Co, Pike Twp)
9100 Striebeck Rd
Indianapolis, IN
GSMC Code: PK063   WPA Code: Not Listed 
GENERAL CONDITION:  This cemetery is also known as Harmon Cemetery, and there's not much left of it.  The write-up from 1960 indicated that there "were six stones yet standing".  However, the day I visited the cemetery, I saw only 5 stones that were still legible, and only 2 of those were upright and intact.  There may very well be other stones there, but the weeds were very overgrown and poison ivy was everywhere! (Author unknown)
SHAARD# CR-49-69.
DIRECTIONS FROM DOWNTOWN:  Take I-65 north from the downtown area to I-465.  Go north on I-465.  Get off at the 86th St. exit.  At the bottom of the exit ramp turn left (west).  After you've passed under the interstate, continue on about 1/2 a mile to a sub-division on the right-hand side of the road called "West 86th".  The main road into this sub-division is Greenridge Dr.  Continue on Greenridge Dr. about 3/4 of a mile as it winds through the sub-division until you come to an intersection.  At the intersection, GreenRidge Way goes straight ahead (although it is currently undeveloped), Cotton Creek Ct goes to the left, and Harmon Ridge Ct goes to the right.  Turn left on Cotton Creek Ct and go to the end of the cul-de-sac.  The cemetery sits in the back yard of 6543 Cotton Creek Ct.  There is a cedar chip path running along the side and back of the driveway that leads to the cemetery.
This cemetery was read by the Genealogical Society of Marion County in 1997, and published in both a softbound book and CD titled "Cemetery Readings of Pike Township."    The burial records we show came from these readings.