Genealogical Society of Marion County
                        GSMC Special Orders                                
We have several very large resource collections in either microfilm or hard copy that are too large to digitize and put online. We can search and copy these for researchers. The searches are fee based per the instructions in the sections below.
1. Catholic Cemeteries Day Book Collection         These are original ledger books created by the Cemeteries Office that include obituaries and funeral notes.] Set List Item Order Add New List Item
 2. Earliest Marion County Marriage Entries [Original handwritten marriage records; Books 1-2-3; microfilm] Add New List Item
3A. Flanner and Buchanan Funeral Home Records          [From 1904 to 1960; hard copies in GSMC Library.]  Add New List Item
3B. Flanner and Buchanan Record Books Indexes    [These are handwritten or keyed-in indexes of alphabetized record books. Look up your name(s) and order the name as it is listed.]                                                           [Many thanks to our volunteers Don Weber, Janet Stroebel, Jenny Greene, Amy Booher, Barbara Hutchinson, and Ron Darrah. Balance of indexes coming soon]
3C. Flanner and Buchanan Record Book Indexes: Broad Ripple Mortuary Extras   [These hand-written page copies are free in our library and as email attachments]
4. Marion County Juvenile Court Records             [We scanned the microfilm indexes in our library; the indexes are free to use, but the printed or emailed documents are special orders.  Set List Item Order Add New List Item
        5. General Queries And Research      Questions that can be quickly answered are no charge; queries that require more serious research are $10 minimum payable in advance. Email an officer for details,