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Central State Hospital Cemetery
(Marion Co, Wayne Twp)
300 N. Tibbs Ave.
Indianapolis, IN
GSMC Code: WY068          WPA Code: No.150
SHAARD #CR-49-118.
     The existing Central State Hospital cemetery records have been collected in a softbound book by Society member Robert McDougal. The book, “Central State Hospital Cemetery Records”, also includes a short history of that state institution. The book is available from GSMC and from the on-site Medical History Museum.
     In 2010, more work was done to identify graves, clean the cemetery, etc. We are working to add any new information from that effort.
The link below is an alphabetical list of 570 burials.
Central State Burials    Compiled list by Beuford Hall, Wayne Twp Hist Soc, 1987

Central State Hospital Map WPA 1939