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Big Run Cemetery
(Marion Co, Franklin Twp)
6400 S. Franklin Road
Indianapolis, Indiana
GSMC Code: FR023    WPA Code: No. 22
SHAARD #CR-49-22.
     Big Run Cemetery is located at the intersection of Franklin & Indian Creek Roads and was possibly known as "Smithers" burial ground until about 1861.  The earliest burial was in 1854 and the last in 1986.  It was read by Mrs. Leo Hoyt in July 1954.  There are also two grave stones that were moved here from the Adams-O'Neal Cemetery.  The cemetery is maintained by the Franklin Township Historical Society. 
This original cemetery page is based on the readings done by Mrs. Leo Hoyt.  The burials entered are based on this list.
photo taken 6 Sep 2014 - D. Scott
photo taken 6 Sep 2014 - D. Scott
Big Run Cem Map WPA 1939