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Bade Farm Cemetery
(Marion Co, Warren Twp)
1300 Gleneagle Dr
Indianapolis, IN
GSMC Code: WR159    WPA Code: No. 91
SHAARD #CR-49-134.
Also known as Bucksot Cemetery.
     Very little is known of this old family cemetery which is located in the wooded area west of the Woods at Grassy Creek subdivision and on private property. In 2005, the Indiana Department of Natural Resources surveyed the cemetery & reported that seven stones were still there.  Although there are no known burial lists, "The History of Warren Township" (published by Warren Central HS) states that there was one marker with the name "Baden" and five legible markers with the name "Bucksath". 
     With the assistance of the Warren Township Trustee, we obtained permission from the property owner to photograph and document the cemetery.  On 18 Aug 2012, we visited the cemetery and found it about the same as shown in the INDNR photo from seven years earlier (though the wood sheds & some large trees, shown in the photo, have since fallen down).  The cemetery is along the edge of the woods and looks to be about 20' x20' .  (This is an estimate since there are no apparent boundary markers & a lot of debris.) 
     Five of the six small grave markers are Bucksath family members & the sixth one is illegible.  The large "Baden" marker is all in German & we were not able to decipher a lot of it. The grave markers show burials between 1862 & 1886. There is an access path from the street to the cemetery.
Copyright IDNR & used with permission. Do NOT copy or repost without written permission of the indiana Department of Natural Resources.
Bade Farm Cem Map WPA 1939