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READ ME Comments on Cemetery Module (click Cemetery Details)
We are in the process of implementing this module.
     When it is fully loaded, it will have complete directions and other information about each cemetery (or at least as complete as we can make it). There are over 120 existing cemeteries, plus others which are now "lost" or have been relocated.  We also show many of the cemeteries by their known alternate names.

       Remember: You can use the Find (Ctl + F) to do alternative searches on any page, e.g. to find all cemeteries in "Perry" township or cemeteries on "Fall Creek" Rd.
       It also will have thousands of additional burial records available. We are working with cemetery records that we've had available online before, as well as additional records that have been in our library but never published, as well as new records obtained from cemetery management organizations and other sources.  The burial records we present here come from many sources.  Although they are believed to be the best information available, there are errors.  They will also be errors in transcription. 
      Announcement: June, 2012
      We are delighted to announce that we have loaded 38,181 cemetery records
      for the local Catholic cemeteries (Calvery, Holy Cross, St. Joseph, Our Lady
      of Peace, and St. Malachy).
      The information comes directly from the cemetery database, which is
      managed by the Buchanan Group (Flanner & Buchanan) and is not based on
      any ‘reading’ of gravestones, etc.
            - See the respective cemetery for more detail and a warning.
However, please note that some records will only be available to our Members. If you are not a member, we invite you to join us.
     If you have information to add or you want to volunteer, please send us a note.
        -includes data from the Indiana Cemetery Registry project
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