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Crown Hill Cemetery
(Marion Co, Washington Twp)
700 W. 38th St.
Indianapolis, IN
(317) 925-3800
   GSMC Code: CR093   WPA Code: No. 3
SHAARD# CR-49-03.
       Crown Hill Cemetery, covering over 500 acres, is reportedly the third largest civilian cemetery in the United States.  It contains over 230,000 burials and is still in use.  It was incorporated in 1863; the first burial was in June 1864.  The entrance to the original cemetery is located at West 34th Street & North Boulevard Place.  In 1911, additional land north of 38th Street (formerly called Maple Road) was obtained and new offices were built there in 1968.  The original cemetery is in Center Township, while the newer portion and offices are in Washington Township. 
     Part One: The Crown Hill website maintains a searchable surname database, which reportedly shows all the burials. The website also shows the cemetery's historical timeline for the cemetery.
(Tip If you do not locate your ancestor in your first search then click on Archive and search again! The Crown Hill "Locator" records are split between 2 separate databases. )  
The Crown Hill office will do searches for genealogical data for a fee (see their website).
Part Two: Crown Hill National Cemetery is located within the civilian cemetery. The burials are searchable by the Veterans Administration website, Union Army remains were relocated there from Greenlawn Cemetery when that cemetery was closed.
Part Three: There is a memorial and burial section for Confederate POW remains that were reinterred from Greenlawn Cemetery also.
     NOTE: In many cases, if the burial is a re-interment from another cemetery, the date will be the re-interment date, not the original death/burial date. [See also Members Section 2, Center Township]
Feb 2024
Photo taken Nov 2007 - D. Scott