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A. C. Connaroe Farm Cemetery
(Marion Co, Pike Twp)
7940 Fox Run Rd
Indianapolis, IN
GSMC Code: PK082   WPA Code: No. 79
SHAARD# CR-49-70.
GENERAL CONDITION: This old, abandoned cemetery, also know as Hopewell Cemetery, sits in the back yard of a house at W. 79th Street and Fox Run Road. There is a wrought iron fence surrounding the site; the stones are mostly flat, broken, and difficult to read. (1997)
DIRECTIONS FROM DOWNTOWN: From I-465, exit on W. 71st Street; go west on W. 71st Street ½ miles to Marsh Road; turn left on Marsh Road and go north one mile to W. 79th Street; turn left on W. 79th Street and go ½ mile to Fox Run Road. Park on the side of the road and ask the homeowner to visit the cemetery.
 This cemetery was read by Thelma Murphy on September 12, 1938 and is marked as List #1; it was also read by the Genealogical Society of Marion County in 1997, and published in both a softbound book and CD titled "Cemetery Readings of Pike Township." The burial records we show came from these readings.  
1997 Burial list
Connaroe Farm Cem Map WPA 1939