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Floral Park Cemetery
(Marion Co, Wayne Twp)
425 N Holt Rd.
Indianapolis, IN
(317) 241-9311
GSMC Code: WY094            WPA Code: No. 149
SHAARD #CR-49-120.
This large commercial cemetery, established in 1919 by Charles J. Buchanan,
has approximately 90,000 burials  It is managed by the Washington Park Cemetery Association ("WPCA"), who provided us with the records for 23,000 of the burials. 
These records comprise the above burial database plus some additional adds.
Note: Many Greenlawn burials were reinterred here in the 1920's.
Note 2: A list of 342 Veteran Burials: Floral Park Military Burials WPA 1939
Note 3: A list of 54 Veterans Burials: Floral Park American Legion Military List
Floral Park Cem Map WPA 1939