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Washington Park East Cemetery
(Marion Co, Warren Twp)
10612 E. Washington Street
Indianapolis, IN
(317) 898-6611
GSMC Code: WR099    WPA Code: No. 121 
SHAARD #CR-49-102.T
     This is a large commercial cemetery with over 72,000 burials. It began as a Masonic facility in about 1926 and was bought by the present owners in 1956.  It is currently managed by the Washington Park Cemetery Association.  We recently acquired the records for these burials and have loaded them into our burial database.  It is believed that all of the Washington Park East records are here (up to June 2013).. 
     There should be section and plot maps available at the cemetery office.
Washington Park East Military List 7-pages  American Legion Vets Project
Washington Park East Cem Map WPA 1939