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Old Parker Cemetery
(Marion Co, Warren Twp)
5120 Julian Avenue
Indianapolis, IN
GSMC Code: WR123  WPA Code: No. 113
SHAARD #CR-49-131.
     On July 22, 2003 I had the opportunity to confer in the Indiana State Library with Thelma M. Murphy, a long time Marion County resident and cemetery researcher. Mrs. Murphy provided me with a copy of a burial list of the Old Parker Cemetery, 5120 Julian Ave., AKA Wilson Cemetery, which we did not know existed. (Ron Darrah)
     This list was a page taken from a project by Union Title Company. The page was marked “Vol. 1” and “Project started 5/26/1895,” and “1927 Photostating Date.” The meaning of these labels is unknown, but probably something to do with Union Title.
     Mrs. Murphy added the following notation: “This was the John Wilson Graveyard and later used as a public cemetery. Around 1944 there were a few standing stones; there are no stones today, having been carried off by neighbors for steppingstones and sidewalks.
     Acquilla Parker, head of the Parker family, was a son-in-law of John Wilson. Some of the Parkers were removed to Crown Hill Cemetery. There were Orr’s buried here (Wilson in-laws), an Ellenberger child, and “an Indian.” Was this Machage Wilson from Tennessee? Several attempts have been made to turn this cemetery into a commercial site. At one time this was referred to as “the Old Irvington Cemetery.” ”
Old Parker Cem Map WPA 1939