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Plummer Cemetery
(Marion Co, Lawrence Twp)
10853 E. 52nd St
Lawrence, IN
GSMC Code: LA118  WPA Code #56     [Also known as McConnell Cemetery.]
SHAARD# CR-49-43. (SHAARD also calls this Indian Creek Cemetery.)
Read by Elizabeth Huffman Hague in 1992.  Her narrative is shown below.

By the time one decides to look for this cemetery it will probably be gone.  It is in the woods where two farm fields meet and cannot be seen from the road. It is overgrown and falling down.   It was surveyed in December, 1977. My visit was May, 1992, and there were 3 unknown stones. The burials are from 1818-1865.
What's left of this burial ground is behind the house at 10853 East 52nd Street; and across the road and west of the house at 5025 German Church Road.  The cemetery is east of the creek and roughly at an intersection of a line drawn south and west of the two above houses. 
Plummer WPA 1939