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Bacon Cemetery
(Marion Co, Washington Twp)
2400 Kessler, East of Keystone
Indianapolis, IN
[See also Dawson Farm Cemetery.]
Southeast corner of Kessler Boulevard and Keystone Avenue.  SHAARD# CR-49-104.
The cemetery is on a portion of the 80 acres that Robert Dickerson purchased from the government in 1823.
Deeded to Washington Twp. in 1835 by Hiram and Mary Bacon.
Number of Stones: 3
Dorothea Sargent established a stone marker commemorating a revolutionary War veteran Robert Dickerson, his family, and distant descendants, including her late husband, World War I veteran John Jacob Sargent. The Dickerson family is believed to be buried beneath the marker.  It is unknown who, other than Robert & Nancy Dickerson, are possibly buried here.  Several of the children named on the marker are known to be buried in other cemeteries.
A few newspaper articles are on file at the Trustee’s Office. 
Be sure to read this very interesting article.about one person's quest to save this burial ground.
taken by Rick France